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SEPTA Forward: Bus Revolution is a project that will create a more efficient, effective and accessible bus network.

By creating routes that are more direct, reliable and easier to use, more riders will be able to take advantage of this important service within our community. We will be taking an in-depth look at how the needs of our riders are changing and we want to hear from you. Learn more about how you can make sure your voice is heard and be a part of our Bus Revolution.

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Fact Sheet

View our Fact Sheet to learn more about Bus Revolution’s goals and objectives, project timing and how you can get involved.


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Project Schedule

Bus Revolution will be a 3-year process, beginning with two years of planning and analysis while the third year will focus on implementation. View the project schedule below to see key milestones and project phases.


February - April
Project Initiation (Internal/External)

Kicked off in March and April 2021 by developing a project brand and website, forming committees, and holding meetings with key stakeholders. Collect and analyze data.

April - November OUTREACH
Examine Market for Transit;
Evaluate SEPTA Bus Routes

Examine the market and need for transit service in Philadelphia region and create a “State of the System” analysis. Evaluate population and employment, community demographics, activity centers, and travel patterns.

Evaluate individual SEPTA bus routes to the understand strengths and weaknesses of each piece of the bus network.

Engage SEPTA riders and residents in the Philadelphia region about transit service choices and trade offs and to understand their priorities and values. Engagement will include a range a activities including surveys, meetings, and pop-up events.

Winter 2021/2022
Identify Service Improvements

Use findings, analysis and community input to identify ways SEPTA can improve the bus network and make specific improvements to individual routes.

Build on engagement and technical work to confirm goals and values. Refine project guiding principles and develop evaluation framework.



Winter 2022
Develop Service Improvement Scenarios

Create options to strengthen and improve SEPTA’s bus network. Scenarios will be organized around rider priorities, community values and technical recommendations.

Summer 2022 OUTREACH
Evaluate Scenarios

Share scenarios and potential service changes to a broader audience for feedback and comment. Focus will be on identifying what people like and what they don’t like, so we can develop draft recommendations that include the best parts of individual scenarios. The evaluation process will also consider factors like ridership and cost.

Summer 2022 OUTREACH
Draft and Finalize Recommendations

Build on findings from scenario evaluation process to develop draft recommendations. Share draft recommendations with community and stakeholders to develop final recommendations.



January - December OUTREACH

Unveil recommendations and system changes. Implement changes.

Get Involved

We want to hear from you. SEPTA’s Bus Revolution will have lots of opportunities throughout its phases for people who live and work in the Philadelphia region to be involved, including surveys, virtual meetings and ongoing outreach. Make sure your voice is heard and you stay informed throughout the project.

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Rider FAQs

View our FAQ sheet to find more general information on the Bus Revolution program and answers on frequently asked questions directly from our riders.


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